2004, In Hiroshima

Variation of metabolome in Arabidpsis thaliana
Ei-ichiro FUKUSAKI,○Kanokwan JUMTEE,Takeshi BAMBA,Daisuke SUZUMURA1,Akio KOBAYASHI
(Dept.Biotechnol.Grod.Sch.Eng.Osaka Univ.,1PHYTOCULTURE)

Many factors affect a plant metabolome during development, for instance, temperature, light intensity, humidity, and salt concentrations. The purposes of this study are to investigate an effect of growth-position on metabolome and to compare soil-based with ceramic-based plants by using Arabidpsis thaliana. A. thaliana(Columbia) were grow on Metro-Mix 350 soil in two trays and placed in a growth-chamber, in a 16h light(23℃)/8h dark(21℃). One of them was rotated every 3 days. The ceramic-based plants were grown in the same chamber. Rosette leaves were haevested, extracted, fractionated and analyzed by GC/MS. Principal component analysis was applied for date comparison. The results show that the positions in the growth chamber influence matabolites in the plants and soil-based plants explicit larger distribution than ceramic-based plants.