Relations of human and forest

A lot of trees were cut for fuel and for reasons of the religion in European nations. In this reason, many forest were lost. The war also bundled off a lot of forests to the disappearance. Especially, to fight with the continent, Britain needs Warship. In this reason, it seems that the English went to Norway to get woods. It seems that in Spain and France also similarly the humanbeing cut the tree for Warship and the forest was destroyed. Moreover, it has reclaimed by the large racial migration, and a lot of forests have become the field and pasture.
From such a past lesson, the forest administration and creation is given high priority in Europe.

On the other hand, in Japan there are rich greens, 67.3% of the country was covered with the forest.
(69.2% in Finland that is said the country of the forest and the lake. Sweden 58.9%, Iceland 1.2%, the Netherlands and Britain 8.3%, 20.9% in Italy, 26.9% in France, 29.6% in Spain, 26.0% in Switzerland, 29.2% in Germany, 29.5% in Poland, and 39.0% in Austria)
It can be said that this is a result that large scale deforestation was not done because of a climate and a geographical features in Japan, and the forest has been maintained by the recovery power of nature.
However, various troubles which were not seem in the past are caused to the forest. For example, developemnent to the mountainous district, the ruin of the forest by inactive forestry, pine forest decline by abnormal outbreak of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, and the feed damage by deer, and so on. They occur the decline of the forest and the natural damage such as mud flows. It might be able to be said also that it is a result that man's living space had approached the forest.
We think that we must preserve and conserve green and fores
t for protect our lives from natural damages and enjoy relaxation effect continuously, and for solve environment problems such as global warming fonemenon and air pollution.