Comparison with hydroponics and ground cultivation

The difference from ground cultivation

In ground cultivation, excess water is given to plant (enough oxygen is not supply to root and the plant wither) or water is not supply enough to plant usually.

The way of the ceramic culture which can always supply a fixed quantity of water rather than the ground cultivation which repeats giving water fully if the ground gets dry is comfortable environment for a plant.

In the case of ground cultivation

That water increases or decreases.

If too much, enough oxygen is not supplied to roots and the plant wither.
If too few, it will wither by dryness.


In the case of ceramic cultivation

Since only a part for the plant to have sucked up can be supplied, the amount of moisture is always fixed.

The difference from hydroponics

Although well mistaken for hydroponics, it is the system which is completely different.

Ceramics hold water according to capillary tube power. This water is called capillary tube water. The plant has stretched the direct solution on the surface of ceramics, and is using only this capillary tube water. Since water is held by capillary tube power, even if ceramics are in a position higher than the water surface, fixed quantity reservation can always be carried out and, similarly a part to have used can be supplied according to capillary tube power.

On the other hand, what is being used by hydroponics is free water which has not received any power other than gravity. The plant has soaked the root into free water.

It is got blocked.

Capillary water

Free water
Ceramic cultivation
Ground cultivation


Only free water ... Hydroponics

Water held by free water + capillary tube power ... Ground cultivation

Only water held by capillary tube power ... It ceramic-plant-grows.

Unlike the hydroponics cultivation which soaks a vegetable root in cultivation solution, it is not necessary to circulate cultivation solution or to send in air (oxygen). It can be called the energy-saving cultivation method that power is not needed.