---reliving the stress of young seedlings------
Treeshelter in Japan  "Hexatube" "Phytoshelter-s" etc.
Treeshelter was invented in the UK in 1979 by Graham Tuley.
It prevents wild animals from browsing young seedlings and helps their growth
in the minigreenhouse environment.
In Japan, Professor Tatsuo Akai first introduced treeshelter in 1992.
Since then, more than 5milions of treeshelters have been used and helping reforestation there.
   History of tree-shelter
      Relations between human and forest
     Why is the 'Hextube' needed?
     Effect of Hexatube
    수목생존 한계 담수지 녹화 시험 제안서  replanting in temporarily submerged field
    Using treeshelter and ceramic pot at dryland (Chinese)
    Green corridor project for the chimpanzees of Bossou, Guinea.
    replanting dry land in Pakistan