History of tube (tree-shelter)

The history of the tree-shelter started in 1979 by conceiving Graham Tuley who worked in the Alice Holt Lodge forestry research institute in Britain. He thought that tree-shelter could preserve planting pain and improve the growth rate of tree. At first, the idea of Tuley was not accepted at all. It is because everyone thought that the tree in the tube is sure to die because of the high temperature at the summer time. One year passed from the start of the examination, everyone's worry was imaginary fears, and Tuley was proven to be correct. The rootage rate was high and the growth rate was high. The tree-shelter was immediately commercialized afterwards, and the amount of use reaches two million-four million during a present presumption year.
This technology was introduced into other advanced countries, and the tree-shelter came to be used in all parts of the world such as the United States, Germany, and France.

Why did the tree-shelter succeed like this? The effect of the rootage rate improvement and the effect of the growth promotion are the great factors for success. The tree-shelter has ability to promote growth of broadleaf tree. If we use the tree-shelter for broadleaf tree, it can grow 2-3 times compared with without using tree-shelter. In addtion, ablity of prevention the feed damage of wild animals such as deer and rabbits that increase rapidly. However, tree-shelter has fited to the request in the times is a definite reason to succeed.

  ・Many trees are planted from the history of a past deforestation as for not the conifer for timber but the broadleaf trees.
  ・The close planting conifer for getting timber was reviewed, and it came to be recommended to planting in a low density.
      That becomes surely that we have to grow every tree for planting low density of broadleaf tree.

The 'Hexatube' was developed from avobementioned tree-shelter for fitting to Japanese natural environment and using style. In addition, we add new thought which is not in Britain. Tree-shelter brought big change to forest management in Britain and many countries. In japan, change of forest management technique
is reqested.