Why is the 'Hextube' needed?

Before, the forest played a big role as timber supply source in Japan. To deforest and to carry out timber from mountain efficiently, forester deforested large area. However,in this method, the forest cannnot demonstrate function such as disaster prevention for a long period, and it causes problems of land conservation. In this reason, small area deforestation or single tree deforestation method has come to be adoped in recent years. At the same time, the number of living of deer and serow (natural monument) increases due to the natural enemy's such as wolves extermination, As a result, the problem that the planting tree is eaten is brought up. Then, the method of the enclosure of the planting ground. However, the method of the enclosure of the planting ground and protection has become difficult, because of the change of deforestation method as mentioned above. Then the tube method has come to be paid to attention, in this method each individual tree is protected with tube (tree-shelter).
Moreover, protection of global environment becomes importance matter recently. As a result, many activities of planting in sand dump place and artificial slope become to be done.
It is difficult to recover of greens much less trees in such places. Because soil condition and climate (microclimate) conditions are severe for the plant, it causes such results. However, in tube method, trees are protected from various troubles, so we can root trees and grow them in such places. In addition, it has been understood that greens recover arround tubes. It is thought that some troubles such as wind for green's growth are relieved by standing tubes.