Detail explanation

In ceramic cultivation, the roots of plants are conected with special ceramics directry.
The special ceramics is developed to cultivate plants.
The ceramics supply cultivation solution to the roots of plants directry, and plants are cultivated without soil.

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The special ceramics has a lot of micro pore. Their diameter are very small, and they have capillaly action.
Their diameter are 3micrometers
or less.

The roots of plants touch the surface of ceramics.

The lower part of ceramics or the band for supplying water is touched to cultivation solution・・・

The cultivation solution is moved into whole of ceramics by capillaly action.

Cultivation solution never ooze from the ceramics, because the solution is moved by capillaly action only.

The roots absorb the solution which is holded in ceramics.

The solution is absorbed by plants, then solution is moved into ceramics as the plants absorbed from a lowerhead by capillaly action.